Cecilia Balocchi

Lecturer in Statistics

Curriculum vitae

cecilia dot balocchi at ed dot ac dot uk

School of Mathematics

University of Edinburgh


Papers and preprint

Bayesian nonparametric inference for “species-sampling” problems.

Cecilia Balocchi, Stefano Favaro, Zacharie Naulet

arXiv: Statistical Theory, 2022

A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Species Sampling Problems with Ordering

Cecilia Balocchi, Federico Camerlenghi, Stefano Favaro

arXiv: Methodology, 2022

Clustering Areal Units at Multiple Levels of Resolution to Model Crime Incidence in Philadelphia.

Cecilia Balocchi, Ed I. George, Shane T. Jensen

arXiv: Methodology, 2021

A Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Framework for Geospatial Analysis of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Cecilia Balocchi, Ray Bai, Jessica Liu, Silvia P. Canelón, Edward I. George, Yong Chen, Mary R. Boland

arXiv: Applications, 2021 Apr 11

VCBART: Bayesian trees for varying coefficients

Sameer K. Deshpande, Ray Bai, Cecilia Balocchi, Jennifer E. Starling, Jordan Weiss

arXiv: Methodology, 2020 Feb 13

Spatial modeling of trends in crime over time in Philadelphia

Cecilia Balocchi, Shane T. Jensen

The Annals of Applied Statistics, vol. 13(4), 2019 Nov 1, pp. 2235-2259

Crime in Philadelphia: Bayesian Clustering with Particle Optimization

Cecilia Balocchi, Sameer K. Deshpande, Edward I. George, Shane T. Jensen

arXiv: Applications, 2019 Oct 30

Conference papers

Association of Neighborhood-Level Factors and COVID-19 Infection Patterns in Philadelphia Using Spatial Regression

Mary Regina Boland, Jessica Liu, Cecilia Balocchi, Jessica Meeker, Ray Bai, Ian Mellis, Danielle L Mowery, Daniel Herman

American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium, vol. 2021, 2021 1, pp. 545-554

Work in progress

Development, validation and use of imputed data in precision medicine.

Cecilia Balocchi, Massimiliano Russo, Stefano Favaro, Steffen Ventz, Lorenzo Trippa


Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Spatial Variation with Discontinuities

Cecilia Balocchi

University of Pennsylvania, 2020